Glowing Words

Happy clients say it best …

His musicality is abundant and flowing, and his service-oriented heart shines through in his community-building orientation.


He coached me on Shakeology and healthy weight loss, he taught me to always stick up for myself and not to let others walk all over me. I am grateful that I had the experience to work with Clarence and I know that he will impact others lives the way that he impacted mine and the children he taught.


I have found a compassionate, patient, and talented teacher. … Music is now a major focus in my life. I can confidently recommend Clarence Dow. He is a wonderful teacher. He will bring joy and enthusiasm into your musical life.


Now that I can look back, Clarence certainly played the role of an unofficial coach for me. Where my mind was flying and racing around all sorts of excited ideas – Clarence was being mindful, continually grounding himself, and working to become an exceptional thinker, coach, and artist.


Seeing my soon to be wife walk down the aisle was breathtaking on its own, but accompanied by Clarence’s beautiful cello, it was a unique and awesome experience.


Clarence made our wedding day special and I would recommend his services for any event.


I’m grateful I came to know and appreciate Clarence as a hugely gifted musician, kind soul, lightworker and friend.


I’m in awe of his incredible talent by which he knows how to lift your spirit through his beautiful music, his careful teaching and thoughtful coaching!!!


I would highly recommend Clarence Dow’s work to anyone wishing to experience the gift of grace in a loving, beautiful, and compassionate way.


“Clarence is a pure joy to work with. He brings a calm wisdom and lighthearted presence to both his music teaching and workshops and listening to his cello playing is an experience not to be missed! I appreciated his integration of body awareness and breath in his cello lessons. Clarence has that rare gift of not only being a gifted musician but gifted and patient teacher as well.”

Rebecca Gray