Soul Essence Bliss Retreat

What do ayurveda, psychic mediumship, sound healing and vinyasa have in common?

(The Soul Essence Bliss Retreat!)

It’s no secret how excited I am to be joining my beloved partner Jaishree and our dear soul-brother and soul-sister Jonathan Glass and Katherine Glass of the Healing Essence Center this May for a 4-day long weekend retreat into beingness and blissness.


***May 20th-23rd***

ANNNND I want to share another reason why I’m jazzed about this unique offering. Yoga is a vast, timeless culture, a tangible and organic process inherent in all individuals, always going. It is a simultaneously ‘meets us where we’re at’ practice and universal ‘all sizes fit through here’ gateway into the transcendental.


Each of us specialize in different aspects of yoga – health, cleansing, the subtle body, empowering and love-centric philosophy, meditation, journeying, energy healing, trusting intuitive guidance, safe community sharing, story telling, holding space, connecting with the ancestors and spirit guides, compassionate communication, grounding through care of but not attachment to/identification with the body/mind/false ego…..and of course realizing the soul connection.

Brought together, the bigger picture of yoga as a holistic, total life system comes into focus.


Did I mention there’s a hot-tub?

Space is limited. Your soul is not.

Love it up @ Soul Essence Bliss Retreat

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