Work with me

As an Artist

Are you looking for MUSIC TO UPLIFT your event, sound to shake and sooth your soul or a cellist to accompany your program or band? Let’s connect and discover what’s possible!

Are you preparing for a celebratory event?

Your taste and preference will guide me in offering you a wide repertoire to choose from that includes baroque, classical, romantic and modern pieces, as well as unique arrangements of genres from rock to post-rock.

And if I don’t know your favorite song? It is a special love of mine to craft custom arrangements of any piece for solo cello. I love a challenge! Click to read more »


As a Teacher

My goal as a music teacher is to give my students the tools and encouragement to play with heart and imagination. I offer instruction to all ages for cello, guitar, and moyo drums.

Lesson-plans are co-creative and emerge as our relationship develops. As you get clear on your relationship to music, we will use the open, connect and compose framework to customize a musical practice that is meaningful, appropriate and sustainable for you.

Connecting through play is at the
core of my teaching style.

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As a Coach

As a coach, I offer an expanded toolset that draws from the ancient Indian yoga system, Chinese chi gong or ‘energy cultivation’, tai chi, and native Andean shamanism.

I offer myself to you as a coach, to hold space, accountability and a flame of compassion as you dive into music as a medium for authentic and empowered living.

Musicianship extends far beyond the stage – it gives us tools and a mindset to approach all of life’s affairs.

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