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Empowered Play Coaching

If you are anything like me, your life needs a ‘throughline’ – something to sustain and inspire you. To make a symphony out of connecting the dots and crossing the T’s of life. I offer myself to you as a coach, to hold space, accountability and a flame of compassion as you dive into music as a medium for authentic and empowered living.


Sound itself holds incredible potency for affecting change in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. A simple style of playing and chanting can yield tremendous results in raising our awareness, activating our creativity and strengthening our joint attention.

As a coach, I offer an expanded toolset that draws from the ancient Indian yoga system, Chinese chi gong or ‘energy cultivation’, tai chi, and native Andean shamanism.


A custom built Moyo Drum will be your companion on your journey of self discovery. Whether you are a seasoned musician or new to the musical path, learning to play a Moyo Drum will be a rich and rewarding experience. Moyo Drums are deeply resonant steel tongue drums. Each drum contains an 8-note pentatonic scale (custom tunings are also available) During Empowered Play sessions, you and I will co-create expeditions in sound to let go of old perceptions and beliefs and activate new neural pathways. I have designed a unique card-based system to facilitate our play and take your practice home to share with family and friends.


Musicianship extends far beyond the stage – it gives us tools and a mindset to approach all of our affairs. The compose aspect of coaching invests time in gaining a whole life perspective. You will receive a personal I Ching reading during our first session, which will guide our work towards manifesting your purpose with power and presence. Mind mapping and design thinking techniques will help you chart your course and get clear on your intentions set concrete goals to manifest them. As a independent BeachBody coach, I am also qualified to work with you in achieving your health and fitness goals. A happy, successful life means fulfillment in body, mind and spirit.

“Music is a language, and I have been speaking it since I was three years old.”

Let me help you find Your Heart’s Voice, through the Art of music, my Teaching and Coaching!


Happy clients say it best …

Now that I can look back, Clarence certainly played the role of an unofficial coach for me. Where my mind was flying and racing around all sorts of excited ideas – Clarence was being mindful, continually grounding himself, and working to become an exceptional thinker, coach, and artist.


He coached me on Shakeology and healthy weight loss, he taught me to always stick up for myself and not to let others walk all over me. I am grateful that I had the experience to work with Clarence and I know that he will impact others lives the way that he impacted mine and the children he taught.


“Clarence is a pure joy to work with. He brings a calm wisdom and lighthearted presence to both his music teaching and workshops and listening to his cello playing is an experience not to be missed! I appreciated his integration of body awareness and breath in his cello lessons. Clarence has that rare gift of not only being a gifted musician but gifted and patient teacher as well.”

Rebecca Gray

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