As a Teacher

“Connecting through play is at the
core of my teaching style.”


My goal as a music teacher is to give my students the tools and encouragement to play with heart and imagination. I offer instruction to all ages for cello, guitar, and moyo drums.

Lesson-plans are co-creative and emerge as our relationship develops. As you get clear on your relationship to music, we will use the open, connect and compose framework to customize a musical practice that is meaningful, appropriate and sustainable for you.


Many of my students open to themselves in a meditative or contemplative way, through breath meditation, tai chi or journaling for example, in order to elevate their ability to achieve their musical goals. Others use their musical practice to access and experience themselves on a spiritual level. Whatever your goals are as a musician, opening to your inner resources will become an important part of your process.


I work with students of all ages, from 6 weeks to 70 years, and connecting through play is always at the core of my teaching style. As you accumulate musical concepts, you will develop a working knowledge of them in real time through musical games. Counting, conducting, movement and improvisational skills will all come out and into play!


Reading and writing music can facilitate your gain of a new dimension of mastery in your musicality. As you and I open and connect, composing your musical ideas is a way to document your creative growth. Regular goal setting and check-ins provide the opportunity to clarify where you are and what you want to achieve in your musical practice.

Do you want to enrich your life with a musical practice? Or do you want to invest in your child’s creative future?

I also offer group classes and workshop series for schools.

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Happy clients say it best …

His musicality is abundant and flowing, and his service-oriented heart shines through in his community-building orientation.


He coached me on Shakeology and healthy weight loss, he taught me to always stick up for myself and not to let others walk all over me. I am grateful that I had the experience to work with Clarence and I know that he will impact others lives the way that he impacted mine and the children he taught.


I have found a compassionate, patient, and talented teacher. … Music is now a major focus in my life. I can confidently recommend Clarence Dow. He is a wonderful teacher. He will bring joy and enthusiasm into your musical life.


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